Assortment and listing

TCODES – WSM3 (Mass maintenance), WSP4 (Individual listing)

This component allows you to create merchandise assortments and assortment modules and assign articles to them. Articles can be automatically assigned directly to assortments as a result of checking rules during article maintenance or assortment maintenance functions. Alternatively, you can manually assign articles to assortment modules and then in turn assign the modules to assortments. In both cases, the system automatically generates listing conditions for each valid combination of article and assortment.

By assigning assortments to sites you control which assortments — and which articles — a store can purchase or sell. A site cannot purchase or sell an article that is not contained in one of its assortment.

When you create listing conditions, you also specify a listing period. This determines the timeframe during which sites can procure and sell the articles.

Listing conditions

The assignment of the individual articles to assortments is recorded in what are called listing conditions. These listing conditions contain the following:

  • The periods of time for which an article is to be assigned to an assortment
  • Inclusive or exclusive assignment (that is, whether an article is to be listed or excluded from listing)
  • The number of the module which caused the listing conditions to be generated
  • Whether the listing is for a promotion listing
  • Whether the module is assigned to a rack jobber
  • Whether an article is listed as a component of a structured article

In the case of manual listing using manually created assortment modules, the system creates listing conditions based on the assignment of the assortment module to an assortment.

In the case of automatic listing, the system uses listing rules to create listing conditions.




6 thoughts on “Assortment and listing

  1. richa

    I am trying to list the article to my cite but I am having error and I cant list that. Can you please help.

  2. Raju

    Seems using above tcodes , we can assign articles to assortment, but i wanted to know how to create an Assortment (Tcode ) or Assortment Module . Please give me some information on this.


  3. Prajwal

    Hi Raju Pl try WSV2 to create Assortmrnt Module.. Or the path Logistics-> Sales and Distribution-> Master Data-> Products-> Value Contract-Assortment Module->Create..

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