Hi fellow SD Consultants,

On this page, you could leave any open questions that you could not find any solutions for.

And, of course if you have experienced such a scenario before and know the solution / workaround, please do not hesitate in submitting it here.

best rgds



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  1. jiteshdua Post author

    Does anyone know how to split invoice based on quantity? An example –
    1. Sales order has a material ab1, qty of 10.
    2. Delivery created with qty 10.
    3. Now we need to create 10 invoices for a qty of 1 each.

      1. Iqbal Ansari

        Go to Item Category details – Billing relevance – put it as “k” then follow to the billing screen by selection button – then enter the qty to be billed.

      2. MD. AKBAL

        Your Q. is you create a delivery for 10 quantity, now you want invoice separate for each quantity, For splitting invoice you need to select K instead of A in the Item category, than go for farther process, at the time of invoice give the quantity as you want.

    1. ravi

      What are the steps for end user training in sap SD module?
      Any three major issues faced in the support project? what kind of issues they were
      What are the tools used to communicate with the client?
      In real-time project, how many pricing procedures to be used?
      Cut over activity means what?
      What is meant by landscape? (Landscape of your project for example)
      Details about the Gap analysis. (What are the gaps you have faced?)
      What is ticketing tool? What is SODA?
      What is ticket? Process flow ticket?
      Five steps of implementation with full details.

    2. ravi

      Any three major issues faced in the support project? what kind of issues they were
      What are the tools used to communicate with the client?
      In real-time project, how many pricing procedures to be used?
      Cut over activity means what?
      What is meant by landscape? (Landscape of your project for example)
      Details about the Gap analysis. (What are the gaps you have faced?)
      What is ticketing tool? What is SODA?
      What is ticket? Process flow ticket?
      Five steps of implementation with full details.
      What are the steps for end user training in sap SD module?

    1. arthy


      I am trying to create a sales order (VA01), the sold-to party and ship-to parties are grayed out(I am unable to enter anything there) Can anyone tell me the reason for this? Has this got anything to do with the partner determination settings at sales doc header level?


      1. Iqbal Ansari

        Please check is there any configration for product hirerchy or not if not then check patner functions for the mandatory item details there must be some bug.

  2. srinu

    hi friends, any one can help me please regarding the following questions,
    1. how to configure the pricing procedure in sap
    2. sales document types
    3. credit management configuration
    4. Risk management

    1. adi


      pricing in SD or IS REtail??? Please confirm and it is lengthy in Is retail to write on this forum, if you give your email id I will try to forward the configuration procedure.
      pl. make sure which modules you want

      1. ram

        hai adi i am working as sap sd consultant but fresher so doing supporting can u help me in supporting regarding some doubts

    2. hemanth

      To creat a pricing procedure ,,,,first u need to creat “documnt pricing procedur, according to ur sales document types and Custimer pricing prpcedure according to ur”customers”.
      b4 this u hav creat the sales areas respectively……..
      and then the pricing procedure as follows:
      step 1:creat condition tabls(v/03:v/04:v/05)
      step2:creat accesssequens and assign the condition tabls(v/07)
      step3:creat condition typesand assign(v/06)
      step4:defining pricing procedure(v/08)
      step5:pricing procedure determination(ovkk)

      step 1:creat condition tabls with validate combinations of fields
      step 2: assign those “tabls”to 1 access sequens..
      step 3:thn we hav to creat “condition Types”…according to clint require ments””’
      asign those access sequens to the perticular “condition types”…….
      NOTE:if sitution demands 1access sequens may hav many condition types …..but not vise versa.
      step4:assign those condition types in to a “pricing procedure” in respective sequence
      step5:it is final step in pricing procedure,,,,here we hav ti place r assign “sales area and cust.pricing procedure and document pricing procedure and pricing procedure”

      by thie the pricing procedure will complet successfully.

  3. jiteshdua Post author

    Hi Deb,
    You can only carry out delivery processing for the items in a sales order for which a shipping point has been defined. If different shipping points have been assigned to the various items in a sales order, the deliveries have to be processed for each shipping point.


  4. Deepak

    I want to split the delivery based on Transportation Group assigned in Material Master. Its like if i create a Sales Order with two material having different Transportation Groups than at the time of delivery creation system should split the delivery.

    Where do we need to configure for the same. Pls put some light on it.


  5. jiteshdua Post author

    Hi Deepak,
    I suggest the following –
    1. Create a new routine in VOFM which defines your split criteria. (You need the help of an ABAPper for this)
    2. In the copy control settings from your sales document to delivery document, apply this routine at item level.

    Let me know if this does not work.


  6. Ashish

    Incase two control areas have been defined at both delivery and order stage, how does credit control apply at specific stage (order creation / delivery creation)?

    Is it possioble to make the check apply only on a specific stage and how?

  7. jiteshdua Post author

    You set the credit limit for a customer for each credit control area in FD32. Now once that limit is defined, the role of credit control area is over.

    Now in credit management setting, you define what kind of control would you want if this credit limit is exceeded (warning or error). Also, in these settings you define what all documents need to be taken into account while calculating the open / receivable amount which should be compared with the credit limit.

    Standard SAP allows credit check at these 3 levels –
    * order creation
    * delivery creation and
    * PGI

    You sure can make the settings to apply credit check for any of these stages (in SPRO).

    Hope I have answered your question. Let me know if you have further questions.

    best rgds

  8. Everard

    My question is about Purchase orders with account assignment category K (Cost center). I wonder if it is possible to have the condition type PB00 predefined at the item level with the rate blank so that it can be filled in manually?

    It is mandatory now to fill it in, but not predefined.

    I look forward to an answer.


  9. mut1709

    I have a question in pricing.

    I want to read VPRS condition types in PR00. My pricing procedure requires both of them since I am using the same pricing procedure for all the documents.

    VPRS is maintained in material master as variable cost and I want to default the same as PR00 in the pricing procedure. I tried using VOFM ( using altcalty )to read VPRS in PR00 but the system doesnt read it if there is no PR00 condition record maintained.

    Please guide me if I am making some fundamental mistake or there is a better solution.


    1. seenu


      if u check mandatory field in the pricingproceder for pr00 it become a mandatory condition type for this we need to maintain condition record in t.code vk11.

  10. jiteshdua Post author

    Hi Mandar,
    The first method – Do not set the pricing condition VPRS as a statistical condition type. Simply remove PR00 and it will work fine if you always use VPRS as your pricing base inside the pricing procedure. VPRS will read both prices based on the price control in the material master.

    Price control S for standard price.
    Price control V for moving average price.

    However, if you are using one pricing procedure where for some items you price using VPRS and some others using PR00, then you should use requirement routines to enable the correct price condition type at the right time.

    The second method involves more work as you need to write a formula ( VOFM) to get that information.

    This is how it goes :-

    1. Set VPRS to be the first step in the pricing procedure and to be subtotal B (as standard).

    2. Set PR00 with alt. calc. type formula, which sets the value of PR00 to be equal to the subtotal B.
    The routine (created with transaction VOFM) is:


    The pricing procedure than looks like that:

    Step 1 VPRS statistical, subtotal B, reqt 4
    Step 2 PR00 Altcty 600

  11. mut1709

    Hi Jitesh

    Thanks for the reply.

    I have already tried the second option you have suggested using the ALTcty 600 ( or say 901) in VOFM. It didnt work. That is what my question is. Or may be I am missing somethig.This replaces PR00 with VPRS. I want to read VPRS in PR00.

    Is there any other way to address this issue by user exits or routines ?

    Thanks again for the reply.

    1. naveen

      Hi Mandar,

      Go to condition type PR00(v/06) ,then in master data section go to drop down menu Ref Con Type,select VPRS,we can use VPRS as reference condition type……

  12. sapsampath

    hi all,
    im facing one problem, when, im trying to get output in sd-order screen. it shows error msg as thr s no configuration in RVORDER form MAIN_WINDOW
    how can i solve it.
    pls help me.

  13. Ashis

    Hi Can any body tell me detail procedure of packing configuration..i require 2levels packing means : computer to be packed in pallet and pallet to be packed in container..

  14. Nancy

    We have specialized pricing procedures – I have it working to look up special pricing in condition tables based on a the existance of a partner for the customer. What I also need to do is look up a partner of a partner and check if they have pricing. So if a customer belongs to a parent account and that parent account belongs to another group I need to know that top level group and use that in my pricing analysis. Does anyone know how to retrieve that next level of partner information?
    Thanks in advance for your help!!!

  15. sourav1980

    Hi guys, can anyone says “what is Sales Order Routing?”.

    Iam doubting whether this sort of thing is there in SD or not.

    Thanks in advance

  16. budi

    Can anybody help me with pricing problem i have facing. I have setup PR00 for material X with EUR327.90 per PCS we markup the price by 12% for customer A. Based on this i got 327.90 x 1.12 = 367.248 >> EUR367.25 But for 8 PCS system calculate 327.90 x 8 x 1.12 = 2937.984 >> EUR2937.98 . My problem arise since EUR367.25 for 8 PCS is EUR2946 NOT EUR2937.98 . Can somebody help me on this?

  17. jiteshdua Post author

    Hi Budi,
    For this issue, unfortunately, there is no standard solution available (at least to my knowledge). You may give it a shot by using an Alternative Condition Base Value.

    You can achieve the best rounding figure at the Pricing Condition ‘PR00’level by assigning a Alternative calculation type with best fit routine for your kind.

    Speak to your ABAPer, explain him the requirement and I am sure you will work out a solution / work around.

    Let me / all of us know if you find a better solution.


  18. Anke


    We have added an additional key figure to a custom LIS structure after it was created. Before the update the characteristics were in the following order:
    Characteristic 1
    Characteristic 2
    Stat(s) source
    Key Figure 1
    Key Figure 2

    After the update we clicked the generate button to activate the updated structure. Now the order is:
    Stat(s) source.
    Characteristic 1
    Characteristic 2
    Key Figure 1
    Key Figure 2
    Key Figure 3

    Do you have any solution on how to re-arrange the key figures?


  19. Arun

    I have pricing steps as follows
    Now I want to mention step 50 which is a sum of step 10 & 40.
    How can I achieve this ?
    Pl let me know.


    1. hemanth

      you can do this by using the fields in “pricing procedure like “valid from to valid to”
      in the step u can place 50 and add some discription and then at “at valid from field mention the step number 10,at valid to mention the step number 40”.with this u cn come out from the issue.

  20. Jayanth

    Hi Jitesh,

    can u breif me How to configure scenarios which called for both immediate vs. nightly delivery creation?


  21. Ashwin

    I am on a restructuring project in SAP. The scope of this project is to move products from one department to the other.

    The list prices hierarchy levels and the profit centers of the products need to be updated as far as SAP goes. Other than that there is not many modifications needs to be done on sap front.

    Regarding process chains, I was wondering if someone can suggest on open sales orders, agreements for any of these restructured products. What will be the key areas to look into before defining the process

  22. jiteshdua Post author

    Try the following –
    In SPRO, go to Financial Accounting, Select AR/AP ->customer account group -> Define account group with screen layout (customer)-> select account group -> select sales data ->select Sales view ->check radio button req entry for customer group field.

    Let me know if this helps.


  23. sri

    can u giv me on wat topics in pricing we hav to focus more to be perfect?

    my 2nd question is , how to understand the sub-routines ?

  24. Muthu Kumar

    Hi ,
    Can you provide inputs in configuring IS-Retail-Promotions and Bonus Buy?
    Document links and pdf’s apart from SAP Help are mostly welcome.


  25. Lakshmanan

    Can we attach alt cal type to Header condtion?
    Can we attach alt cal type to net value in the pricing procedure?
    What config i need to maintain, to modifiy the amount field manually in the pricing?
    Can we make basic price is 0.00?

  26. Veeresh

    Hello Experts,

    I have problem in detrming the right schdule lines, that is i have order for 100 stock , but i have only 50 , so i need to have 2 schedule lines one with confirmed qty other one with not confirmed qty. But i am only getting one schedule line with confirmed and ordered qty and rounded qty?

    These are the some of My Material and Customer setting… Please do let me know how I can solve this problem ??

    MRP 1

    MRP Type PD MRP needed

    Procurement Type F (External)

    GP Processing Time 1

    Plnd Delivery Time 30 Days

    MRP 2

    Availability Check 02 (This is with out RLT in to consideration)

    Tot Repl Lead Time 0

    Customer Master

    Partial Delivers are allowed in customer master

    Pick Pack Time for the shipping Point is 0

    Thanks in advance for your help

  27. Tapsa


    I have question related to condition types:
    In sales order for specific materials there is automatic pricing that is coming to sales order.
    When new price (PR00) is added to item, there is double price for material. Of course this other condition type can be removed manually, but sometimes user don’t remember to remove it.
    Is it possible to change system, so that when PR00 is entered manually, system would not calculate other condition type for pricing? So basicly system would need to notice that manually entered PR00 is available and do not calculate automatic price to total amount.

    1. hemanth

      so ………..check at” statistical” field on defining” pricing procedure” for manual “PR00”

  28. jiteshdua Post author

    You may try creating a ‘condition exclusion group’ with PR00 and the ‘other’ pricing condition type. This will ensure that only one pricing condition type appears in the sales order. Let me know if you have more questions.

  29. Sami ur Rehman

    Dear All,

    I am facing a problem. i have created a condition table with the key plant/Material.Pricing.Group/ Material and then I have assigned this table to the access sequence. I also created the condition receord for the same key. I have made & check all the necessary settings in the system.
    But when I am going to create the sale order the system does not reads the condition record. Any idea how can i overcome this problem?



    1. hemanth

      after creating the access sequence u hav to assign tht sequence to,which u wnt use the condition type…..thn only system wil read the condition records.,,,other vise system dont bouther obout the condition type,simply it leave that condition types,in sales order…then v hav to bouther.

  30. jiteshdua Post author

    Please check that
    1) The Pricing procedure is determined correctly.
    2) The condition type with valid condition record is included in the Pricing procedure.
    Try these first and we will investigate further if need be.


  31. Rohit

    When a material is available in a plant the next step is: the first order in line will get it’s required quantity confirmed.

    e.g. 40 Pieces arrive in plant XYZ
    There are 3 orders in line:
    Order 1 for 20 pieces
    Order 2 for 10 pieces
    Order 3 for 10 pieces
    Then 20 pieces will get confirmed to Order 1
    10 to Order 2 and 10 to Order 3
    What table in SAP should I look at to find out the date when material got confirmed to the order.

    We have a major project being undertaken and I was looking for a response at the earliest. Any help is appreciated.

  32. Tapsa

    Thanks Jitesh!
    This “condition exclusion group” seems to be promising. I created new group and assigned condition types to this group. But where I should add this exclusion group? I try to find place, where I could add this exclusion group (I checked also pricing procedure), but I didn’t managed to do this.
    Thanks and regards

  33. Tapsa

    I founded the place where I assign exclusion group to pricing procedure.

    Once more, thanks for your help

    BR, Tapsa

  34. Lina

    I have 2 questions:

    1 – Can anyone knows if in extended rebate processing, is possible to collect for the sales volume a billing document witch was used in the settlement?

    For example, a have a rebate (1) witch was settled with document type ZBR1 and i have another rebate (2) that need to collect all the documents type ZBR1.

    The problem, is that, even if the document type ZBR1 is already marked as a type to have in count in the process, he is never collect for the sales volume of rebate (2). I think is because he was used in settlement…

    Do you know if i can collect a document wich was automaticaly created in the processing of one rebate in another rebate?

    2 – I want to be abble to spread a rebate settlement in the same condition of rebate even if this condition have more than one record.

    For examble:
    – Rebate agreement 1: Condition type: ZP1A
    In Condition ZP1A i have 2 records: Material Hierarchy 003003004004 and Material Hierarchy 004003004002.
    For the settlement of rebate, the sales volume must be the total of the 2 records. And i need to be able to give different credits in the 2 records.
    In Material Hierarchy 003003004004 i want to give a credit of 2% if get 1000€ of the total of the contition (Material Hierarchy 003003004004 + Material Hierarchy 004003004002) and in Material Hierarchy 004003004002 i want to give 5% if get 1000€ of the total of the condition (Material Hierarchy 003003004004 + Material Hierarchy 004003004002)


  35. Michael

    Dear SAP Gurus,

    I’m setting up Withholding Tax (according to SAPnote 178824) but the condition type for the withholding tax is not working. System is looking for field “Tax Rel Classif” (table 397).

    I have no idea where to maintain the field. There isn’t any field in customer or material master.
    Can anyone please help me on this? Without this field, the condition type will never work.


    1. Harsha Halyal


      Stages contain information about the geographical factors for a shipment. In addition to their other functions, stages can also be the basis for calculation of shipment costs. Shipment stages can include:

      A beginning point and end point is defined. For example, you can define main, preliminary, and subsequent legs.

      Load transfer points
      The point where a shipment is unloaded from one means of transport and loaded onto another.

      Border crossing points
      The point where a shipment crosses the border.

      The various types of shipment stages are illustrated in the following figure:


      The following can be beginning points or end points:

      Transportation connection point (train station or port, for example)
      Shipping point (or loading point)
      Plant (or storage location)
      Customer location (may include customer’s unloading point)
      Freely-definable address
      It is also possible to record other information about beginning or end points:

      Warehouse number/dock door
      Additional info, can be any text you choose (quay 17, for example)
      If reference to a customer, shipping point, etc. is made in Customizing in the definition of a transportation connection point, that reference is automatically copied. This reference cannot be changed in the document since it was copied from the transportation connection point.

      You can display the address of each point by choosing Address. If you are in change mode, you can make any necessary changes to the address. If you make changes to the address, the system simply creates a different address in the current shipment document.

      Load transfer points can be defined the same way as beginning or end points of a leg. This means that it is possible to create a load transfer point at a customer or vendor address. If a transportation connection point is to serve as a location entry, however, it must have the corresponding characteristic Load transfer point in Customizing.

      You can only use transportation connection points for border crossing points. These must already be set up in Customizing with the Border crossing point attribute.

      Certain rules must be followed when defining a point in a shipment stage (a customer and a shipping point may not be entered at the same time, for example). You can find these rules in the Creating Shipment Stages Manually section.

      You can create stages manually in the shipment document.

      You can, however, use various functions to simplify or automate the entries:

      Entering a route in the shipment header. The stages defined in Customizing for the route are then transferred to the shipment document. You can control which stages are transferred, if any.
      Using the Leg determination function. Leg determination is a mechanism that generates stages. The determination is based on simple rules. It uses delivery information that is relevant for shipment in order to generate stages. (No optimization is involved here.)
      See also:

  36. Bobit


    My condition (YPRO = 300) value differs from the condition amount condition value (P200) in Billing VF02/VF03. I configured ZB00 as 10% retention which will be deducted from (YPRO). instead of getting P270 in the condition value, I get P170.

    Can anybody advise?

    Best regards,


  37. Ash

    Can someone tell me how would the below be related to SAP SD:

    testing of data provided by data conversion team, develop test scenarios for testing based on business feedback, identify issues from testing and contribute to issue resolution

    I have the above the description but unable to understand how would this fit with my SAP SD experience? Any help would be helpful.

  38. sonu


    I have three questions ;

    Q1) my schedule line category is set to ” no avalibility check”.

    Q1A) How does the system confirms the stock in sales order or in delivery if schedule line category is set to “no avalilibity check”

    Q1B) does the sales order and delivery appear in MD04 is schedule line category is set to “no availbility check”.

    Q2)my schedule line category is set to ” no materials planing ?

    Q2A) How does the system confirms the stock in sales order or in delivery if schedule line category is set to “no materials planning”

    Q2B)does the sales order and delivery appear in MD04 is schedule line category is set to “no materials planning”

    Q3) what is the relationship between MD04 and MRP run. Does all the sales orders or deliveries appear in MD04 after MRP run ?

    request pls answer pointwise for clarity



  39. Amit

    I want to load Customer Master in SAP-SD. The issue is that, the address of customer contains COMA and so the system loads the data with inverted coma when i load the data after converting the data from Excel to Text Delimited.
    how can I load without Inverted Coma.

    thanks in advance.

  40. Veeresh

    Back Order Processing V_V2?

    We have Customer opening hours implemented in Our SAP System. When we create sales order and ATP Runs and takes customer opening hours in to consideration.

    But when i use the V_V2 back order processing this program updates my Schedule lines with out taking in to consideration of the customer opening hours??

    Does any one have an idea why?

  41. raj_dutt

    hi consultants

    I have 100000 sales orders whith an incorrect price and I would like to do a massive condition update with pricing type “B” (Carry out new pricing). i have tried as mention below……..

    I have gone to VA05 executed the report. Selected all sales orders as I wanted to update the price, and then went to Menu EDIT –> MASS Change —> New Pricing. System did display all the re-pricing options. Selected B ,but after that still there was no changes in pricing.

    I am doing something wrong above

    pls anybody let me know asap

  42. Karthik

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  43. Sunil

    In sales Order I am trying to complete Pricing.

    I get this error: Pricing Error: Mandatory condition Z700 is missing

    Z700 being the company I have configured.

    Your Help will be greatly appreciated.

    1. krishna

      u have to maintain condition record for z700. if u dont want that condition record or this message go to priceing pro de check the mandatory field. ok

  44. jiteshdua Post author

    Here the reference is to the condition type Z700 and not the company. Here are a couple of ways to handle it –

    Go to the sales document, item level pricing and input the value for Z700 manually.


    Create a condition record for Z700 (tcode VK11) if you want it automatic.


  45. jiteshdua Post author

    Hi Dushyant,
    In this forum, we discuss only Sales and distribution module of SAP. I do not have any expertise in SAP B1, so won’t be able to answer you.


  46. Meenu

    I am SAD SD student..Would appreciate if someone can help me resolving the following question from an excericise:
    Topic: Pick the deliveries you have just created using collective processing:
    Command: VL06:
    after entering the data it instruct to choose ‘ Create to background’ to execute collective picking.
    After this commnad I should get a pop up window with ‘ ‘adopt pick quantity field’ in display. But for some reason after giving the command I get a pop up window saying ‘ BAckgrounf print parameter’. CAnt figure out where i am going wrong..

    Please advise..

    Thanks in advance…

  47. lal

    I want to consolidate deliveries from purchase scheduling agreements in VL10D, it is getting splitted due to difference in delivery dates . SAP suggests Notes 386340 and 377501 – .

    IS there any better alternative . How to implement these notes , what is the impact do to this

  48. Santhosh

    Hi, I have a question.

    in the standard teaching we are presented a process flow of inquiry – quote – order – delivery -billing – payment receipt

    suppose there is a company that goes thru the steps

    inquiry – quote – order -billing- payment receipt-delivery

    wat are the settings to be made in SAP SD? to create a situation where delivery happens only after payment is received ?

    wud be thankful for all answers

    1. sampa

      hi santosh,
      you can go in configuration setting SPRO.
      In item category click on item not relevent for delivery.
      This type of configuration is used by service providing company where delivery of goods is not necessary…


  49. asmaa

    hi every body
    i want to make sales order then it make a reservation from stock even in case of not enough stock it make negative reservation with out creating internal production order in any of two cases

  50. CANOSD

    Can someone pls explain to me how limit the quantity of positions in the purchase order ?
    For example: 15 positions

  51. Portia

    Please can some one explain the use of Condition Types EKNN in a pricing procedure, we are implementing 3rd party processing, which create the PR immediately, however we need postings to AP, is it correct that Condition EKNN has various other functions that have to use this or can MM build there own Schema

  52. Portia

    Sales Price Determination. We are using the PO price to complete customer billing in SAP SD. A statistical condition VPRS will be passed back to SD, I need to generate mandatory pricing condition as a markup calculation, sales price from purchase price, How do I do this in the Pricing Procedure? Thanks Portia

  53. Portia

    Error in calculation schema , no gross price configurable for item 000010
    Message no. WS092

    Due to a Customizing error in calculation schema ZSALES, the system cannot determine the accounts correctly or valuate item 000010.

    System Response
    The system does not allow further processing of the document.

    Check the following is correct:

    whether in calculation schema “ZSALES” OWN a condition type of the category basic price or transfer price has been set as the basis for the calculation
    whether in calculation schema “ZSALES” OWN a manual condition type (one without an access sequence) has been configured with the appropriate condition category.

  54. Vikalp Tyagi

    Can nyboby sort out the problem of buffer table? The error is buffer table is not up to date while I am using T-code me21n.

  55. rpi

    V_RA back order processing is showing wrong picture of order qty , confirm qty & open order qty ?
    Could you please clarify of the same ?

  56. rpi

    Can we define seperate plant if one company having only excise registration ? If, yes , pl let me know merits/demerits of the same.

  57. M Baskin

    Can anyone offer some ideas as to how to calculate a condition value to the 4th decimal? I know that the calculation can be done at 1000 qty in stead of 1, in order to back into the intended result, but is that a standard configuration that I have missed which allows the condition record to calculate 100.00 x 0.0075?

    There are grouped conditions as well as pricing formula routines which can be added to the Condition Type.

    What have you done that works best for the customer and involves the lowest maintenance level?

  58. Derin

    How can I configure SAP SD sales revenue GL account determination to be driven by both ‘Sales Organisation’ and ‘Productl Type’?. Eg.

    Scenario, say we have 4 different sales organisations: A, B, C & D; and
    2 Product Types : Leather Shoe (LS) and Leather Bags (LB).

    And, we want 8 different GL accounts to be created and configured for automatic account determination, thus:

    1. A + LS.
    2. B + LS.
    3. C + LS.
    4. D + LS.
    5. A + LB.
    6. B + LB.
    7. C + LB.
    8. D + LB.

    I strongly believe there is more than one way, but yet unable to figure it out.

    Any leads or thoughts highly appreciated.

    Thanx in advance Guys.

  59. GA

    Hi ,

    I need to associate a Sales Representative to the sales order created. The issue here is no HR personnel master data is maintained. So I cannot use the ‘Sales Employee’ or ‘Employee Responsible’ partner functions. In this scenario, how can I associate the Sales Representative as a business partner when the order is created?

    Thanks in advance!


  60. janvi

    hi Everybody,
    I am working on sap-afs project.I am a sap-sd consultant. I have few issues regarding AFS.Is there anybody involved in SAP-AFS project.

    Plz let me know,

  61. Rohan

    Dear Members,

    I have a scenario in material determination and I need your help.

    We have old product and we have to substitute it with new product. now we have to finish old product first from the inventory then we have to substitute with new product in the material determination. so how do I put this condition in the material determination.
    and also how do I substitute new material to the old material.
    I will highly appreciate if any one could help me with the detailed procedure for this.

    Thank you so much.


  62. Ander


    I like to modify in the invoice document the income account determination that has been determined by conditions,

    Is that posiible to do it only for 1 document or I have to change the customizing?

    Thank you

  63. YS Kumar

    Hi SD Consultants,

    I’m getting the following error message, while transfering the goods from 1st quality to 2ed quality.

    “Transfer posting between AFS and standard material not allowed” – Message No. 8J631.

    Please help me to resolve this issue.

    Thanks & regards,
    YS Kumar

  64. iflorea

    Hello Sirs Experts,

    Can anyone of you explain to me how can I create a Log of Incomplete Items for a sales document in order to permit the input of only three materials and let VBAP-MATNR field from sales document to allow only some specific values.

    Thank you.

  65. Ravi Roy

    1. How can we close the open sale order if it is partially been delivered.
    2. In sale order i defined 3 items of which 1 item has been delivered and i have to make Invoice against it…but it is giving “Price Error” …all the condition records has been maintained.
    3.Also In sale order i defined 3 items of which 1 item has been delivered and i have to make Invoice against it…but it is giving “Account determination error”
    Can youhelp me out

  66. Andrew

    Hello all,

    The below is urgent,I will appreciate ALL help sent through.

    In VF04,our billing department cannot post the documents through,they get the messages partially processed or incorrect.A lot of these documents have only appeared there last week after our Finance department cleared a backlog of paperwork using MIRO transactions and doing downpayments as well.
    Can you please describe to me what i should do to check why these billing documents don’t go through.Is it something on the Billing plan i need to configure at?

  67. Ravi

    When a consignment fill up order is received, it is taking atleast 4 to 7 days before the goods reach the customer. Therefore my client needs the fill up to be first shown in Transit and then to be moved to Consignment stocks (Std SAP directly places the Fillup in Customer Consignment).

    For Returns, Client wants all the goods first to go the QI at customer and then to be moved to Customer Consignment Stocks, so that they would inspect the goods at customer location and then move them to customer consignment stocks.

    A pickup order could be made later to pick the customer consignment stocks to be moved back to the Plant Stoks/QI/Blocked).

    How it can be achieved and what movement types to be used. (I have tried with 655/703/411 etc..but i failed to move it to QI at Customerend)

  68. Bahia

    Hi all,
    Is it possible to affect internal alphanumeric codes to SD documents ?

    For instance,
    For bills it will be : BI0001
    For quotations : QU0001

    Thank you

  69. Andy


    On MIGO,there seems to be some confusion on our finance department as to how the transport and duty costs should be entered when the invoices are receipted from the Haulier.The vendors receipt their moneys in advance-downpayments-The Haulier sometimes sends invoices through with a sum of freight costs and duty costs that correspond to more than one Purchase Order.How do we need to input these on MIGO especially when there are more than one line/ material quantity in some Purchase Orders.ALL help is MUCH appreciated.

  70. ankur

    Dear SD Gurus,

    I have a question on pricing. Any suggestions will be of great help.

    There is a product whose price is USD 2500 (as stored in VK11) and minimum price is USD 2000 (also stored in VK11).

    When I create an order in VA01, price automatically comes as USD 2500. Now, when I change this price to USD 1999 system shows an error as “USD 2000 in the condition record”.

    Till here everything is okay…

    Now, when I enter a price between USD 2000 & USD 2499, system displays “Selling price is less than standard price” & incompletion log says “Expected Price”. I can save the order but the order is not complete… and it has to be released thru V.25

    I want to know what are the settings to be done in IMG to make this happen for pricing condition type as above…

    I have some ideas… need validation or suggestions…
    Is it something like condition type PR00 & EDI1 are combined… but how to do that is a question? or am I thinking in wrong direction…

    Please let me know if I didnot explain well. I’ll to give more information.


  71. Ketan Parikh

    We are having process wherein the Fert material is attached as material component in the Project Network.

    Now when we run MRP for the project WBS planned order are getting created. Now on further processing the Production order / goods receipt /.stock system is working ok.

    When we are dispatching the stock by creating Sales Order with reference as Project WBS and its delivery the system doesnot close the open requirement of project WBSe. On again running the MRP system doesnot consider the stock which is delivery and again generate requirement in form of plan order



  72. vinod

    Hi Guys,

    As im fresh to start learning SAP-SD of my own, I want help from you to get some materials for SD basics and configuration. Please send me some links where i can get these.


  73. Tapsa

    Dear SD Professionals,

    Could someone help me with this issue?
    I need to find out what (and where) in configuration is effecting to G/L accounts.
    There are two contracts in system and they have different G/L account.
    Differences between contracts are in item categorization and revenue recognition category, but now I need to found evidence that these differences are causing the different G/L accounts.

    Thanks and best regards

  74. Fabiano

    I would like to perform a mass change in my products, the data is in a field from structure. I know how do this change in tables, but in structures not.

    Do you know a transaction?

    Tks Fabiano

  75. Shreehari

    Hi All,

    I’m running an organization which contains internal HR and Finance tool. And i’m planning to buy SAP for Sales and Distribution and workflow of the organization.
    My question is, is it poaaible to integrate my existing HR and Finance intenal applications to SAP if I go for HR and Finance modules along with SD and Workflow modules.

    Thanks in advance,

  76. SD75

    Hi! I have a problem with the value contract. I can read on Sap Library that it is possible to link sales orders to a value contract and to have a warning or block message to show that the value contract amount has been decreased by the new sales order amount.
    Ex: value contract 1000 $;
    sales order total amount 900$;
    new sales order amount 110$ which can show a message bout the value contract amount decrease.

    How to customize this message?
    In the contract and sales order item category copied I have filled in the completion rule with “E” and the Item type with “A”, but the message popup does not appear.

    Thanks a lot

  77. Keshav


    We have a requirement where the client is developing a web based site for their agents, so that they can log in and place the order directly in place of calling or sending a paper order form to sell their products. The online sale will come in to SAP and create a sales order and then the subsequent documents. The requirement is that when an agent logs in on the web page with their customer id or a log in id, and want to place an order, they could see their previous order history with item details and also the order and delivery status. In short they would like to see the document flow of the sales order with the status on their web page.

    So my question is do we need to create a new function module or SAP has an existing functionality where it can be called, and that would display the document status on the web page. If there is no existing functionality, can you please let me know which tables to we need to extract data from. My guess is we will need KNVV, VBAK, VBAP, LIKP and VBUP tables.

    I would really appreciate if you could give me some information.

  78. Dan G

    I am trying to load a value of / in a one position field with an LSMW recording. LSMW thinks it is a nodata value. How can I get a slash to go thru as a valid value to be loaded?

  79. Ruben

    Hi All

    My question is related to SAP SD:

    We would like to exclude materials for sales in all countries Worldwide, and list this same material for sales in only one country or even one customer.

    Please advice, Thank you very much in advance!

  80. jiteshdua Post author

    Hi Ruben,
    You may use Material listing feature in SD module. This will allow sales of a list of materials for a particular customer.

    Similarly, if you want to exclude selling a specific material / materials to a particular customer, you may want to try Material Exclusion feature.

    Let me know if you need further help.


  81. Ruben

    Hi Jitesh,

    Thanks for your quick response.

    We already use the Listing / Exclusion functionality in SD(VB01), only this does not work for us. We would like to exclude 1 material for sales in all countries, except one country.

    For example an extra field in the MM would be very helpfull connected to a country table which says “list or exclude this article for X countries”.

    Please let me know if you have any other ideas.


  82. Smitha


    I have a question regarding credit management.
    Our client has a requirement where, as soon as a sales order is created it goes into a delivery block. They prefer to save the sales order with delivery block temporarily for various reasons. The credit check block does not happen during the creation of sales order because the SO is already blocked. Now when they change the sales order and remove the delivery block, unless they change the net value of the order, system does not carry out a credit check. During initial creation, even if user has already exceeded the credit limit, there is no credit block. I would like to know if there is any kind of exit or anything to make sure that credit check is enabled when delivery block is removed. Is there any way to customize this routine.

    Thank you in advance.


  83. David

    Can anyone tell me why table KONP displays the rate with incorrect decimal places? For example, condition type JPI1 has rate of 7% put is reflected in the table as 70%. I know this is the correct entry but I need to be able to explain to the business user why it is in the table this way. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  84. Ruben


    Our company would like to create mailing lists based on addresses in our SAP ECC 6.0 system. Can anybody advice me how to do this? So how do I connect a customer or customer/contactperson to a mailing list, and how to generate the file for use in MS WORD?

    Thank you in advance,


  85. jiteshdua Post author

    Just curious to know if you’ve thought of creating a query (or an ABAP report) on table KNA1 and saving the results as ‘text’ file and later converting it to ‘MS Word’ if needed.


  86. Sre

    We have a scenario where in we are trying to configure a simple order to cash scenario except that we dont maintian any inventory and want to create sales order and do a delivey pick pack and bill it. The material used is not maintianed in as inverntory so there is no ATP or mat check done. Which item cat group (material) should i use and which item category and schedule line item category should i use.

    Thanks for your help.

  87. jiteshdua Post author

    Seems like you have a standard ‘make to order’ scenario. The materials will be produced (or procured) against the sales order and the settlement will be done at the order level. You need to maintain the MRP views of the material master and switch on the transfer of requirement at the requirement class and the schedule line level. As soon as the sales order is created, requirements will be passed on to MRP and you will get a ‘confirmed’ schedule line.


  88. JTarrazon

    Hello Ralph,
    in Logistic Execution, you’ve got in Shipping -> Basic Functions -> Pricing -> Definie Pricing Procedures for Delivery.
    Don’t know if it’s good for you. We use it for Intercompany scenario, when creating delivery from purchase order.

  89. venkat

    Looking for SD help on how to configure the system to use the setup time to calculate the confirmed date & availibity date & transportation date in SD scheduling.

  90. Mike B

    We want to enter sales orders (VA01) by using either the SAP material number or a historical “Stock” number. The proposed solution is to create duplicate material masters and linking the 2 using Material Determination….what are the pros and cons of this?

  91. AAA

    Please I would like to find out how i can block over 1000 deliveries from further processing. We print out our deliveries as give them to customers as meter tickets. Now we have printed out over a 1000 deliveries and given them to customers as meter tickets.. However some customers keep this tickets for months and do not load their products immediately. We have changed our product prices, and will like to block the affected deliveries from further processing, so that when the customers come and present their tickets for product loading, the system will not allow anything to be done on delivery, and will generate a message. This will help us effect the price change and remove the block from the delivery.

    Please help, what can i do.

    Thank you very much.

  92. Sana

    Hi all,

    My problem is ….when entering a sales order for a material the system is giving the First requestd date as confirmed delivery date.i.e one line item in schedule line.

    What we want is to change the system generated confirmed date(Using mannual intelligence)…in process of changing the confirmed date the system is also changing the first customer requested date.

    Please suggest how i can acheive changing confirmed delivery date without changing first requested date.

    Any help will be appreciated.

  93. David

    Hi Gurus

    for anyone who have any experience in material bom/copy control please read on.

    in our current system, we do not have any standard customization for creating a sales order from quotation which includes BOM items (TAP in OR).

    I’ve completed all of the customization and catered for most scenarios however there is one with partial BOM copy from quotation to sales order that cannot seem to want to work.

    1. quotation I have input 5 qty of BOMs
    2. then I proceed to copy over 3 qty of BOMs it seems fine as I change the qty 5 in the sales order to qty 3
    3. then I proceed to copy the rest of the order expecting to be 2 qty of BOMs, however system cannot copy the outstanding amount of the header BOM and carries qty 5 to S/O TAP (although the BOM items (AGN>TAN) seem to be copied correctly with pricing etc)

    I checked the configuration with VTAA line item for BOM header item cate, and checked the field copy quantity (CPMEN), which is blank (automatic), I’ve also tried the other options in that field and no success.

    please shed me some light of intelligence 😛

    1. David

      fixed it!

      All i needed to do was set the item cate of the quotation bom header item to completion rule ‘B’ in vov7, then in the copy control line item data set Pos./neg. quantity ‘+’ in vtaa.

  94. s.kirankumar

    hello this is kiran
    can any one help me regarding sap sd tickets for automobile industries and spare parts.
    waiting for ur reply

  95. Alex


    How I made to change the standart message V1 801 number from warning to change to error ? I use the sap 5.0 retail.

    Thanks a Lot

    1. David

      variable message V1 does not allow configuration, only V4 is possible.
      which you may already know OVAH W = warning E = error

  96. Ronald van Hoof

    Hello SD experts.

    I have the following logistic challenge. A customer buy’s one machine at our company. This machine represents one item in the salesorder (1 pc) and our production plant issue one piece (= one partnumber) to stock. Unfortunally this system is to big to deliver at once. In fact we use multiple trucks and airplanes for transportation to customer. The problem we are facing is that the salesorder mention 1 piece to deliver but in reality we have to ship e.g. 100 crates with parts in it. For every part we needs a real value for customs declaration also. How to handle this in SAP? We can’t ship e.g. 100x 0.01 pieces a system? Any idea’s about this issue? Thanks, Ronald

    1. jiteshdua Post author

      Hi Ronald,
      Have you tried using Production and Sales BOM, with your machine being the header and each individual shipment being child items. The delivery and pricing should be at child level. You may want to use ‘LUMF’ as the item category group to assist your scenario. Let me know if it helps.


  97. Ronald


    thanks for your reply. The problem is how te determine the costprice of the parts that will be shipped? One product is put on stock which have a stock value. This final product will be disassembled into several pieces which will be shipped via several deliveries. How to determine the stock value of all the pieces that are disassembled?


    1. jiteshdua Post author

      Hi Roland,
      The cost part will come from the Material Master (Standard or the Moving average depending on the company setting).

      The revenue part or the sales price will come from the item level as the sales BOM is configured to have pricing at item level (LUMF).


  98. SAP Fan

    Hello Jitesh,
    SD pricing help.
    If we need to do a calculation within a exit during pricing procedure in sales order what exit needs to be used and how. Basically we want to bring a $$ value for a condition in the pricing condition(eg condition ZZOA) by a logic/calculation in an exit.
    Please let us know how can this be achieved?
    Thanks for your help.
    SAP Fan

  99. San

    In our credit management, for some reason lots of values in production are coming through as negative values, but QA seems to be working fine.

    As an example in Production via FD33 1 customer on the status tab has lots of negative values in the sales data, yet if I look in QA at a different number they are debits. This credit is effecting the credit exposure and I am not sure it is quite right.

    These are just examples but choose any customer with an open sales order and open receivables and it appears to be the same.

  100. raja

    i have one requirement i.e., to put a check at invoice to control the user for performing shipment for deliveries. without shipment dont accept system to do proforma invoice in consignment fill-up. where is the control for that.


    1. jiteshdua Post author

      You can make this setting in copy control between delivery and the invoice.


  101. Mahesh

    I have 3 condition types one for manual antoher two is not manual.when ever the manual condition entered above condition type deactive otherewise it shows the active level

    1. gurivi

      hi mahesh ,

      for that use the condition exclusive group for that all condition types. while using this dont check the exclusive in access sequence.

  102. Hendry


    can anyone give me any suggestion for setting this kind of condition type.

    i want value of condition type is fix. the condition type apply in header, it’s manually. from this condition type, i want capture the fuel price agreement ($).

    i create Contract (qty 10) with condition type FUEL. the value is $100
    the i create sales order that partially reference to contract (qty = 5), and condition type FUEL in sales order changes to $50. i want condition type FUEL is fixed (not change) = $100.

    please kindly give detail configuration for this condition type.


    Best Regard,

  103. Rajkumar

    Hi all,

    Kindly Give a solution for me,
    Im a MCA im working in Sales & using SAP as a end user.i have 1+ year Experience in Sales. now i want to become a SAP SD consultant. can i use this experience as Domain experience? i decide to study SAP SD course outside while working in this sales and and started to search job in SAP SD consultant. whether My decesion is correct? ple advise me..

    Im waitnin for yours reply


  104. Ujjawal

    Hi friends!.

    I have one question regarding SAP service contract:
    I have created one service contract and its billing document also.
    Now i have changed contrcat start and end date manually to cancel the contract in between .
    As soon as i have changed the date system is showing me one line item being added in billig plan tab of service contract for that particular material,which is right.

    But the same thing is not happening for rest of the items,instead they are doubling up the value instead of making it zero.

    Please help.


  105. Munawar

    I am facing a problem in credit management of a customer.
    The FD33 screen shows Sales Value as Rs. 301,638 and the same amount is shown as Open Delivery Credit in VKM4, However, the total of Credit Value in VKM4 comes to Rs. 228,666/-. Can anyone help me in reconciling the difference. I understand that Sales Value in FD33 represents open deliveries.

    1. jiteshdua Post author

      Here is the F1 documentation for Credit value
      Specifies the value of the open items.

      In the order, this value is

      the quantity not yet delivered
      the quantity not yet billed
      In the delivery, this value is

      the quantity not yet billed

      Item Quantity Price
      10 10 PC 10 * $10 = $100

      In a schedule line, 6 pieces have been delivered. In another schedule line, 4 pieces are still open.

      Credit value = 4 * $10 = $40

      Delivery for the first schedule line

      Item Quantity
      10 6 PC

      This item has not yet been billed.

      Credit value = 6 * $10 = $60

      And the Sales Value in FD33:

      Total of the sales values for the credit limit check
      Total of all order values which have not been transferred to FI, but which are taken into consideration when checking the credit limit.

      To me it appears that both values represent different calculations and therefore the totals do not match.

  106. Sairam

    Hi All,

    I am new to SD. What tables should I lookup to get the revenue from a customer? Please help. Any replies/suggestions are highly appreciated.

    1. gurivi

      hi sairam,

      do you want to see the customer revenue go to FBL5N for to see the line items, and FB10N to see the summary .

  107. M.K.HAMEED

    Hi everbody.
    Please guide me how do the following:1. Create an order for two items with two different ship to parties.
    2. Create similar orders and combine it to one delivery.
    3.In which tables sales document header, sales document item and schedule lines are stored.

    1. gurivi

      hi hameed , i can say the answer for 3 rd question.

      sales document header is stored in VBAK, sales documents item data stored in VBAP, and sales document shedulines data storedd in VBEP table.

  108. HAMEED

    When I preparing Third Party Order, in ENER INCOMING INVOICE (MIRO) the following message is displayed “ACCOUNT 892000 HAS BEEN SET AS NOT RELEVANT FOR TAX”. I tried in so many ways, but still I am getting the same message. Please help.

  109. Khemistry

    Hi all, need a solution to this problem, when a downpayment is made, the downpayment is splitted btweenn the main cost and the conditions. i dont want this, i only want the downpayment to hit the main cost and the conditions settled when full payment is made. pls help.

  110. Amanda Smith

    Hello friends,

    Need your advice.

    Currently We are calculating Taxes externally for US and canada tghrough TAXWARE and for other countries it is calculated

    within SAP.Now we are moving fromTaxware to SABRIX for tax calculation and all Taxes for all countries will be calculated in

    Sabrix.We have one pricing procedure and there is one condition for TAX calculation in SAP for all other countries.Now with the

    upcoming change could you suggest how can I change the pricing procedure so that the other countries can make call to Sabrix

    for Tax calculation.Current PP looks like this

    ZTXJ Canada Tax Per Doc 988 500
    UTXD US Tax per document 986 500
    UTXE US Tax per document 989 501
    XR1 Tax Jur Code Level 1 989 301
    XR2 Tax Jur Code Level 2 989 302
    XR3 Tax Jur Code Level 3 989 303
    XR4 Tax Jur Code Level 4 989 304
    XR5 Tax Jur Code Level 5 989 305
    XR6 Tax Jur Code Level 6 989 306



    while creating material ,in accounting tab 1,we fill the standard price of a material. where does this price reflect in so.

  112. starrysky

    Hi, I am currently learning SAP and have some questions. In the case of a return process in SD, how can I “cancel off” my invoice with a credit memo?

    The process that I have done is:
    Sale Order -> Delivery -> Create Invoice -> (Payment NOT received) -> complaint -> Return order -> Return delivery -> Credit memo

    However, I ended up with the invoice and credit memo being “not cleared”. Can somebody advise?

    1. BABU


  113. michael collins

    when i go to change an outbound delivery either increase the quanity or decrease ,the system places the the customer into credit block . also what is the best way to produce a pick note for the warehouse from a process order .

    1. ram

      in u r case the credit limit check is happening in delivery
      in configuration it has done so if u changed quantity it will block that delivery

  114. hendar

    Hi SD Consultants,

    We need your advice.
    How to configure SAP – SD Delivery Order so we can capture batch in the products ? ( without WMS Module )

    for example:
    A Delivery Order has product with qty 100 Car which inside there are 2 batches, e.g. 60 CAR with xxxx batch and 40 CAR with yyyy batch.


  115. cherry

    how to transfor order to rush order means i place order and then before save thats one transfer to rush order any one help me for this query

    1. BABU


  116. chandu

    i got a problem in delivery, ie. though the stock is not available still the delivery for the material is happening with out any error, and i have cheked availability check all settings are fine.
    does any body can give solution on this.

  117. ram

    hi friends i know that there is an option to control the over delivery if we check this feild it will allow over delivery if we not check it will not allowed
    but i forgot where it is can u pls tell me the menu path or t code for that

    ram sap sd

  118. ravi

    I have 1700 open order converted ,i need to update existing manual condition on order with new price along with adding some new manual condition types to order , Do i need to use LSMW or is there better way to do it .. Please help

    I tired using LSMW but i am getting the below
    Field KOMV-KSCHL(1) is not an input field
    Field KOMV-KBETR(1) is not an input field

  119. Kathem

    Can you help me??!!
    in our SAP the batch number contains 10 digits and I do not know if this standard or not, but my question: if ther possibility to change from 10 digits to 16?

  120. Laxmidhar

    when I am creating a number range trhough xdn1 and shaving system is not taking the data. One line msg is coming on mesg bar as update delayed.

    Note- using VMware player.

    Could anybody help me pls ?

  121. Bhareth

    SAP SD Training -Chennai/Banglore -Guidance Required

    Hi SAP Experts ,

    Greetings !!

    I am Microsoft ERP Techno-Functional consultant with 5+ years of implementation experience

    1.I have planned to change my career to SAP (as an SAP SD consultant) and i have started preparing for it .

    2.I would like to know good institutes in Chennai or Bangalore apart from Siemens or NIIT which can provide me a better training.

    3.How I can enter in SAP companies as I will consider a fresher even though I have 5 + years of implementation experience.

    Kindly guide me with your valuable comments .Thanks in advance.


  122. Raghu


    Iam facing an error while creating ‘Sales order’, kindly give the solution


    1. sampa

      hi raghu,
      you must have not maintained Business Area for that particular plant and division.
      You can do this by following this path..
      Enterprice structure->Assignment->Sales and Distribution->Business area account assignment->Assign business area to plant and division.

      Try this one.

      1. GOK


  123. Ashok


    1. sampa

      hi raja,
      you will get job opportunities in any module of SAP.
      But, large demand is there for SAP-ISU consultant and you’ll have foriegn oppotunities more…
      In India we have very less ISU consultant…


  124. RAGHU


    “Field selection for movement type 561/ acct 399999 differs for Ext. GA amount.”


      It is due to the inconsistency between field selection in movement type and gl account. Just check it in OMJJ and FS00.
      In tcode OMJJ , dialog structure field selection. Add gsber in field selection table and check.
      what you need to do is, run the program RM07CUFA check for the field status of the particualr movement type for which the system is throwing the error.

      Note that if there is a mandatory entry under G/L account then it should be a mandatory entry under movement type field status also.

      Go to FS00 and Select your GL account and click on Change Mode and in Create/Bank/Interest tab double n Field Status Group.
      Then goto OBC4 and make the change in the field selection for the field status group you got from FS00 for that account. (make the GL for goods movement as display/optional/required as in the movement type)

      Also see the field selection for movement types in SOMCJ for movement type 541

  125. Piroz Eslam

    Hi Guys

    I have a situation where material pricing for some circumstances needs to be calculated based upon a formula which is not currently available (to my knowledge). This situation arises where a customer has agreed a price for deliveries of a material or materials based upon a minimum load quantity. Existing pricing conditions cannot be used for the following reasons:
    The business does not want to apply minimum load surcharges as a separate invoice item.
    Minimum Load Surcharge conditions do not appear to be configurable on a plant/customer/material basis.
    The required condition type will need to be created (say ZCMP “Customer Minimum Price”) based upon a formula as follows:
    Key Combination:
    Sales Org/Sales Office/Sold To Party/Ship To Party/Material
    Input Parameters:
    Minimum Load Quantity (Min_Load_Qty) as double
    Base Unit Price (Base_Unit_Price) as currency
    Actual Load Quantity (Act_Load_Qty) as double
    Leeway Quantity (Leeway_Qty) as double
    Output Parameter:
    Load Unit Price (Load_Unit_Price) as currency
    If Act_Load_Qty < (Min_Load_Qty – Leeway_Qty) then
    Load_Unit_Price = Min_Load_Qty * Base_Unit_Price / Act_Load_Qty
    Load_Unit_Price = Base_Unit_Price
    End If

    Example 1:
    Min_Load_Qty = 24.0
    Base_Unit_Price = 200.00
    Act_Load_Qty = 22.6
    Leeway_Qty = 1.0
    Act_Load_Qty (22.6) Is Less Than Min_Load_Qty – Leeway_Qty (23.0)
    Therefore Load_Unit_Price = 24.0 * 200.00 / 22.6 = 212.39

    Example 2:
    Min_Load_Qty = 23.00
    Base_Unit_Price = 200.00
    Act_Load_Qty = 24.0
    Act_Load_Qty (24.0) Is NOT Less Than Min_Load_Qty – Leeway_Qty (23.0)
    Therefore Load_Unit_Price = 200.00

    any suggestion how to setup the pricing condition type , min load qty setup and fomulae in VOFM


  126. Piroz

    Hi Arthy

    check the authorization permission first , type /nsu53 and see what screen it is displaying send those screen shot to your basis guy

  127. nishith maliwal

    kya aise koi report h kya jisme hum pending sale order k against me incoterms aur days of payment terms find kar sake

  128. Piroz

    Hi Nishith

    This can be done at sales document level by assgining Log of incomplete Procedures

    Tcode: OVA2
    select Group: 1 – Sales – Header
    click on Procedures
    Select 11 – Standard Order
    Click on Fields

    For payment terms maintain table: VBKD and Field: ZTERM
    and incoterms maintain table: VBKD and Field: INCO1

    and do follow the document for maintaining it


  129. mohamed yoosuf

    value “14.4” is incompatible with template “———————–” shows error when i enter a decimal value in text field. Pls solution anybody

  130. velu

    I had maintain new price in such a material. (vk11-proo-material with release). this way to i am maintained. so which table i am going see this material and how, please clarify me….


  131. 5 mistakes

    Your blog is really cool to me and your subject matter is very relevant. I was browsing around and came across something you might find interesting. I was guilty of 3 of them with my sites. “99% of site managers are guilty of these five BIG mistakes”. You will be suprised how easy they are to fix.

  132. Ajay

    Can u guys please explain step by step process of solving SAP SD tickets, and which application is used for solving tickets, what is SLA and what processes are involved etc … Thanks

  133. Rhett

    I’m hoping to determine if it’s possible to reference a contract once a sales order is live in SAP without duplicating the order quantity? And if this function is possible, can it also be carried out in the /n/afs/md04 (mass change) screen? Or in any other transaction?

    Thank You!

  134. Paula


    I would like to ask you if there is any transaction in SAP where you could open salesorderbom (something like csk2) but where could you open BOM of several sales orders at the same time. This would be very helpful for analysing how many times certain component occured in the specific model salesorder. Is there somebody who could answer my question? Thank you very much in advance.

  135. babu

    i create sales order with 100 qty and delivery and invoice will be done for 100 qty,then customer sending 50 qty returns to the business due to the poor quality ,with reference to OR returns and PGR will be done ,now customer want 25qty only ,with reference to RE (or )OR SDF will be done ,now customer want credit for remaining 25 qty { My question is with reference to credit will be settled.} in normal return process we will use RE reference in this scenario how credit settled.PLEASE GIVE REPLAY AND EXPLAIN ME IS THERE STANDARD FUNCTION IN SAP OR WE Will GO FOR USER EXIT

    1. DNP

      U need to settlle credit memo for 25qty by taking ref of credit memo req.
      Let me know if u already attempted the scenario, how diid u resolve?


  136. Manish

    We are currently facing an issue where the net price in the return order is lesser than the net price in the credit memo.

    Upon investigation, we have found that the discount value is larger in return order than in invoice. For example if its 2.124 in return order, its 2.122 in credit memo due to which the net value of the credit memo is 0.002 greater than return order.

    Root cause as per our finding : The condition control value is D – (Fixed) in the return order, but whereas in credit memo, it’s A(adjust for quantity variance). This is the reason why the condition value is determined as 2.122 in credit memo.

    Request you to help us as to where the condition control is actually determined from, so that we can identify why its determined as A in invoice.

  137. Vik

    I am new to SAP SD. Please help me with this. I created a new Incompl. proced. and now I am trying to put it on the sales order document, but the field Incompl. proced in sales order is greyed out and I cannot change it to new Incompl. proced which I created. Please help me with the solution.


  138. naveen

    While intercompany sales order posting,i am getting this error,somebody help me.

    Error;Sales area BILL(sales org) BI(dis channel) 00(division) is not defined

  139. Mehdi

    i was wondering if we can change posting date in HU04 transaction.can anyone help me on this issue?

  140. Srinivas

    Hi ! Friends

    In SAP IDES (VF02) – Sales Document Flow { Inquiry/Quotation/Sales Order/Delivery shows COMPLETED }. and I have saved the Billing document. But Billing is mentioned as [OPEN]

    1. How to make Billing show Completed ?
    2. and also there is NO TAX Column while pricing in VK11 (condition types tax) and How to make appear the Tax Column in VK11 (while Pricing the material) ?
    3. OR Please Guide the Pr-requisites Configuration’s & Customizations of FICO (such as tax code,etc. if any?) in SAP IDES Before Practicing SD module (T-codes)
    Thanks in Advance !

  141. Ramarao Kasula

    HI Every one
    I am having 3 years of Channel sales experience , Now I decided to learn SAP SD
    Kindly let me know is it the right time to learn, job opportunities and others modules recommended

  142. Anna Cruz


    Could you help me regarding types of order status? I am quite confused with them.

    In SAP:
    10 Open Order Created with Block
    20 Open Order Created without block
    30 Delivery Document Created
    40 Post Goods Issued
    50 Billing Document Created
    99 Deleted Order Document

    Could someone explain the difference among these status? Thank you very much in advance!

  143. Krishna Chaitanya

    Dear Team,

    I am Krishna Chaitanya Achanta. I have 18 months of Experience in bank as Privilege Banking Relationship Manager. One of my cousin Suggested me to learn SAP SD. I want your suggestions regards to my cousins advice. will it be useful to me. Or is there any other module which provides me a better knowledge and job prospectus.

    Thanking You all

  144. Rakesh

    dear mentor,

    My name is Rakesh and I would appreciate if you could help me in selecting a right course in SAP. I have been working in the banking and finance industry since last 10 years and currently placed at one of the top uk banks as a relationship manager. I have done hard core sales in my early years of my career but now a days I am more into relationship management. I just want to get out of the banking and want to make career in SAP. Couple of people suggested me to go with SAP FICO and some have suggested me to go with SAP S&D so I am really confused and don’t really know where to divert the attention.

    Would really appreciate if you could help me in selecting the right module in sap please.

    Many thanks for your help in advance,


  145. Jaxi Greg

    5 locations in different countries of the company I work for use SAP. All locations have their own shipping options listed under shipping options field and when we are processing a sales order we have to scroll thru every locations shipping options until we find the option that we need. This is time consuming. Is there a way for each location to be able to see only “their” shipping options when processing a sales order under the Shippng Tab in the Shipping Conditions field?

  146. Nick


    im creating a sales order and when i try save it i get the error “Requested ENT1 Not found here”

    How can i resolve this?? pls help

  147. ciupa

    is there any transaction to show orders which were in credit VKM1 and were released wth the reason why they were blocked?

    thank you

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  149. Muhammad Ali Warsi

    when i am using migo transaction and doing transfer posting so there is only one option of unit of measure but i want to know if i can add an other option while using unit of measure because i want to use two unit of measure at a time

  150. ddfdfg


    I’m assigning qualifications to learners (PPPM / OOQM), but the requestor also wants to add notes to each and every person’s qualification, which I only find in PPPM, where I can’t mass maintain the field, so we have to enter the notes individually, sometimes for thousands of employees (exact same note for everyone). Is there any way around this? Any way to assign these notes to all of them at once? Thanks in advance.

  151. Kamrun Nahar Khan

    Hello Everyone,
    Need some help from you.While I was settling the rebate I couldn’t settle it for prime retailer parties. SAP say, Order type ‘B1’ has not been defined in Sales area .How can I solve this problem?

  152. PedroLUS

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  154. Matthewshupt

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  155. Surajit Biswas

    By mistake i have deleted the pricing procedure PR0000 and its control data and now its not showing in the list when i try to look so i decide to create one manually same control data but when i to save its says Condition type PROO not defined
    Message no. VT520
    . can any one help me pls how to undo the PR0000 again on the pricing procedure list with its default control data.

  156. Trevor

    Hello all,

    I am looking for a method for mass change of storage location in VA01 after sales order is created. I do not want to change default values as this would impact other users.

    Is there a way?

    Many thanks.

  157. Monokul

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  158. Guru Prasad

    Enetred sales order quantity as 170 and saved the document. Later changed the quantity as 17, but in schedule line it shows as confirmed quantity as 170. what would be the issue. Need to rectify the confirmed quantity to 17.

  159. Ajay

    Query : Service contract(T-code 43) has 9 line items ,After did the invoice only 7 line items copied into invoice number .
    This is the issue in PRD system it is happening for one invoice number’XXXXXXX’ only ,Might be what is the reason why this is functionality behaving like this ..?
    How we can proceed to find out this issue ..?

  160. EsaVonge

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    Кто что думает?


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