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 Hello friends,

Welcome to SAP SD discussion forum! This is a place where we can all get together and hammer down any SD related issues which we are facing in our projects. I am trying to put together all the information which a consultant might need over and above the standard help available through SD books or SAP help sites. I am thankful to SAP for providing help and support for many articles posted here.

I have tried to keep this site very easy to navigate. The topics are organized in categories on the left hand side. And as you scroll down, you will find links to the useful SAP sites (under SAP quick links), preconfigured scenarios, recent comments posted and top posts of the blog.

On the top, there are links to different pages (SD Q&A, Open questions etc.), the title of which are indicative of what that page is all about.

Hope you will find this useful and benefit from it. I encourage you all to give me your inputs on how to make this site more informative. Please let me know if you were looking for something and you could not find it here. Also, if you have experienced some interesting scenarios in your projects which you would like to share with this forum, please write to me. I will be glad to publish them.

Your comments/ feedback are always welcome. I can be reached at – jd@sapsdforum.com

Happy Surfing!!

 Disclaimer :

All product names on this web site are trademarks of the companies that own them. sapsdforum.com is not affiliated with SAP AG in any way. SAP AG is the registered trademark holder of SAP, SAP R/3, mySAP, ABAP, xApps, NetWeaver, and other proprietary terms. The technical information on this site is verified to the greatest extent possible, however, any information found on this site is used at the site visitor’s own risk. sapsdforum.com reserves the right to correct any errors or omissions in any portion of this site at any time without obligation.


27 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Pravin

    HI Jitesh

    how to place our own text on the initial screen i.e., in SAP R/3 logon pad screen. SAP suggested to see SAP Note 205487 for this but I’m not able to find it.
    Could you please help me regarding this.


  2. jiteshdua Post author

    I have posted an article on IDOCs. Please check in the ‘recent posts’ category and IDOC link. Let me know your feedback.


  3. taknev23

    Hi Jiteshdua,
    I had undergone training in sap sd. I am having good domain experience in both selling and procurement process. I am looking for some one who can guide me under their projects. I am willing to work and learn under any one who can provide me guidance in projects. can somebody help me with this option. Even if they dont pay also I am willing to work and learn under anyone. Can somebody help me

  4. jiteshdua Post author

    Hi Taknev,
    I’m not sure if thats exactly what you are looking for, but I have some projects of varying complexities which give you good exposure to real time project scenarios. You may refer ‘sample projects’ page on this blog.


  5. taknev23

    Hi Jitesh dua,
    I am really desperate to work under someone who can provide me guidance under them. Eventhough I am not paid, I wish to work as a sub-ordinate where I will have the option of learning and get exposure in working with projects. Please let me know if u can help me with some options / suggestions / known sources. If possible please reply to taknev.dew@gmail.com


    1. Raghu

      hi Vijay,
      i am raghuram, i would like to know whether can i do sap sd module to get a job in sap domain.but i do not have any exp in sap domain,i work for a bpo. pls can anyone reply.

  6. venkat

    Hi Jitesh,
    Good site for SD consultants/learners.As a consultant if want to contribute some information in this how can do that?
    And may i ask to create one email id for me with this domain.
    Pls let me know if possible,then i will join with you.

  7. scram14ind

    Hi Jitesh,
    I want to become a member of sapsdforum.Please give me a email address for this forum.

  8. Sudha.K


    I am planning to take up sap-sd course from a private institute. I would like to know, will it add any weightage to my resume if i do it from a non-sap certified institute?
    Where are your institutes located?


  9. Ganesh

    Hi Jitesh,

    Good job of building and supporting a good web site for the SD community.
    I would like to join and share/benifit from the rest of the team

    Please create me an account and send me the details at indyexcel@yahoo.com


  10. Saif

    Iam saif.iam a fresher in e.c.e(b.tech)…i would like to join in sap s.d from genovate…is it is difficult to study…and what all stuffs are there to study can any one give me a brief idea coz im new to this field…plzz reply

  11. Milind Gadgil

    Hi Jitesh,

    Could you please let me know the procedure to sign in to this forum?
    I am interested to join this forum. Please do the needful.

    Thanks & Regards,



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