For those who are unable to attend the classes physically or do not trust the credibility of SAP institutes or their instructors, we provide online training through our Unique eLearning program – Learn in the comfort of your home, having a cup of coffee with some cookies. (no need to waste your valuable time in travelling to and from the institute).

The online training will be provided per the following curriculum. You may choose either to go for the complete curriculum or any particular area of your liking. After completion of this training, you may choose to do a 4 week Demo Project with us. This project is designed to give you a flavor of the MM consultants job.  These are the options to choose from –

1. Complete Training (30 hrs)

2. High level Walk-through (10 hrs)

Here is how the training is conducted –

1. For each of the participant, a unique ID is created which gives them access to a mail box, all documentation (presentations, study material, ebooks, training plan, assignments, Q&A etc.)

2. All participants are called out using skype conference (no additional cost to participants)

3. The trainer shares his screen through an online meeting tool (Webex, Logmein, showmypc etc.)

4. Each session comprises of presentations to explain the basics, live demo on the system followed by Q&A.

5. As required, the trainer passes the control to the participants and helps them while they practice themselves.

6. The trainer publishes the assignments on the shared folder for easy access to the participants.

7. At the end of the training, a mock interview is conducted and feedback/ inputs given to participants to crack the interviews.

Quick Previews :


Charges :

Complete 30 day Training – $1200*

Quick Walk-through – $400*

* The rates are subject to change without any notice.

The next weekday batch is beginning Feb 6th, 2012 (Mon – Thu)

The next weekend batch is beginning Feb 4th, 2012 (Sat – Sun) 

For Registration, please contact

Those who have completed the training with us, and are interested in doing the project also, can buy the same at 75% of the regular cost. This offer is valid until 03/31/2012.


Day 1 Overview Introduction, SAP, GUI, Versions, Modules
Day 2 ASAP Methodology
Day 3 System Landscape
Day 4 Transports, Customization, Configuration
Day 5 Procurement
General explanation of  Procurement Cycle, Enterprise Structure, Master data etc.
Day 6 Vendor Master, Material Master, Purchase Info Record
Day 7 Procurement of Stock Material
Day 8 Procurement of Consumables
Day 9 Procurement of Services
Day 10 Inventory Management Goods Receipts/Goods Issue
Day 11 Stock Transfer/Transfer Postings
Day 12 Physical Inventory
Day 13 Subcontracting and Consignment
Day 14 Purchasing Source Determination
Day 15 Contacts
Day 16 Release Procedure
Day 17 Invoice Verification Invoice Verification Procedure
Day 18 Subsequent debit/credit, Credit Memos and Delivery Cost
Day 19 MRP MRP
Day 20 Cross Functional Valuation and Account Assignment
Day 21 Technical RICEFs
Day 23 OSS Notes
Day 24 MM Tables
Day 25 Routines, User Exits
Day 26 Getting Ready Queries
Day 27 Online help – SAP help site, forums, SDN, BPX
Day 28 Resume templates
Day 29 Mock Interview / tips for technical screenings, face to face interviews
Day 30 Certificate of Completion

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