If you would like to make that extra buck, here is the opportunity. You can earn up to 20% of the transaction amount by referring someone to buy any products (SAP training Videos, projects etc.) or services (trainings, remote support etc.) offered on this blog. Here are the modalities –

1. You need to register as a partner with us (write to and get a unique partner code.

2. Ask your referral to quote your partner code in their first inquiry, order placement and payment transaction.

3. On receipt of full payment, your referral amount will be paid to you. The amount can be paid to you by the referral directly. For example, if a deal is made for $100 and referral bonus is $20. Your referral may send $80 to us and $20 directly to you. This will ensure transparency in the deals.

4. The referral bonus is payable only after receipt of full payment for the pruducts/ service bought by the referrals.


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