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Shipment Process

Shipment Process – 

Step # Tcode Description
Step 1 VA01 Create Sales Order
Step 2 VL10G Create Delivery Note
Step 3 VT01N Create Shipment
Step 4 VL02N Post Goods Issue
Step 5 VI01 Create Shipment Cost Document
Step 6 VI02 Transfer Shipment Cost Document
Step 7 VF01 Create Billing
Step 8 MIRO Invoice Verification for shipment

SAP Notes –






V54B0001      Shipment Costing: Configure pricing

V54B0003      Shipment Costs Calculation: Determine Rate Type and Currency

V54B0004      Shipment Costs Calculation: Determine Status

V54C0001      Shipment Costing: Description(s) shipment cost item(s)

V54C0002      Shipment Costing: Create shipment cost sub-items

V54C0003      Shipment Costs Processing: Determine Invoicing Party

V54C0004      Shipment Costs Processing: Determine Loc. for Tax Invoice

V54D0001      Shipment Costing: Determining the Tax Countries

V54KSFRC      Determining the factors for apportionment of shipment costs

V54P0001      Extended Function Codes for Shipment Cost Information

V54U0001      Shipment Cost processing: Check whether changes made

V54U0002      Check shipment costs for completion

V54U0003      Specification of shipment cost number

V54U0004      Formatting for update of new objects (shipment costs)

V54U0005      Updating new objects in shipment cost processing

V54U0006      Shipment Purchase Order – Header Data Supply

V54U0007      Shipment Purchase Order – Item Data Supply


BADI_SCD_ACCTG          Call During Shipment Cost Account Assignment

BADI_SCD_CREATE          When Generating a Shipment Costs Document

BADI_SCD_CREATE_CHCK     For Checks When Creating a Shipment Costs Document

BADI_SCD_PO_SELECT          Call for the Purchase Order Item Determination

BADI_SCD_PROCESS_CHK     For Checks During Shipment Costs Processing

BADI_SCD_SAVE          When Saving Shipment Costs Documents

BADI_SCD_TRANSFER          For Transferring Shipment Cost Items