Hi Guys,

This contest is for SD consultants who are working on projects and come across new challenges everyday. Every consultant comes across new scenarios, does a lot of brainstorming and provides the solution to their clients/ project teams. This is a vast pool of untapped knowledge and can be used for the benefit of others who might need these in their projects.

All you need to do is to send us the details of the scenario (Current/open scenario will be highlighted in bold) that you have configured/ developed. The most interesting entry selected by Sapsdforum jury will win the prize.

Format – You need to mention the transaction code, description of what is being done in the step, supported by screenshot wherever possible.

Decision Criteria – The entry must be complete, easily understood and ought not be any standard configuration. Complexity, detailed explanation and presentation are the key to winning. Please note that the client names etc. should not be mentioned for confidentiality reasons.

Winner Announcement – The winner’s name will be announced on this page within 2 weeks of closure of the contest.

Submission process –

Step 1: Send your word document to

Step 2:  Fill up your details here 


First Prize – US$500

Runners up – US$250


Contest 1: SAP SD Pricing Scenarios (Entries can be submitted until 12/31/2012)

Contest 2: Credit Management (Entries can be submitted until 02/28/2013)

Contest 3 : ATP (Entries can be submitted until 04/31/2013)

Contest 4 : Account determination (Entries can be submitted until 06/30/2013)

Contest 5: Outputs (Entries can be submitted until 08/31/2013)


Terms & Conditions –

  1. Please note that entries submitting any copyrighted material will be automatically disqualified and the sender may be liable to legal consequences.
  2. The decision taken by Sapsdforum jury in this regard will be final and the contestants have to abide by the same.
  3. The contestants, by sending these entries, confirm that these documents are not confidential and can be shared with public, authorizing sapsdforum to publish/ share the information the way they might deem appropriate.

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