SAP SD Training

For those who are unable to attend the classes physically or do not trust the credibility of SAP institutes or their instructors, we provide online training through our Unique eLearning program – Learn in the comfort of your home, having a cup of coffee with some cookies. (no need to waste your valuable time in travelling to and from the institute).

The online training will be provided per the following curriculum. You may choose either to go for the complete curriculum or any particular area of your liking. After completion of this training, you may choose to do a 4 week Demo Project with us. This project is designed to give you a flavor of the SD consultants job.  These are the options to choose from –

1. Complete SD Training (30 hrs)

2. SD high level Walk-through (10 hrs)

Here is how the training is conducted –

1. For each of the participant, a unique ID is created which gives them access to a mail box, all documentation (presentations, study material, ebooks, training plan, assignments, Q&A etc.)

2. All participants are called out using skype conference (no additional cost to participants)

3. The trainer shares his screen through an online meeting tool (Webex, Logmein, showmypc, teamviewer etc.)

4. Each session comprises of presentations to explain the basics, live demo on the system followed by Q&A.

5. As required, the trainer passes the control to the participants and helps them while they practice themselves.

6. The trainer publishes the assignments on the shared folder for easy access to the participants.

7. At the end of the training, a mock interview is conducted and feedback/ inputs given to participants to crack the interviews.

Quick Previews :



Charges :

Complete 30 day Training – $1200*

SD Quick Walk-through – $400*

* The rates are subject to change without any notice.

Please contact ( for the next weekends, weekday batches information/ registration.

Those who have completed the training with us, and are interested in doing the project also, can buy the same at 75% of the regular cost. This offer is valid until 12/31/2016.


SD Training Curriculum


Day 1


Introduction, SAP, GUI, Versions, Modules

Day 2

ASAP Methodology

Day 3

System Landscape

Day 4

Transports, Customization, Configuration

Day 5

General explanation of Inquiry to Cash Cycle, Enterprise Structure, Customer Master etc.

Day 6

Master data

Customer Master, Material Master, Customer Material Info Record

Day 7


Day 8

Credit management, Accounts

Day 9


Day 10

Text, Incompletion log

Day 11


Sales documents

Day 12

Delivery documents

Day 13

Billing documents

Day 14

Copy Control

Day 15

Item Categories, Schedule lines

Day 16


Standard ITC / QTC/ OTC Cycle

Day 17

Return Scenario, STO

Day 18

Availability Check, Transfer of Requirements

Day 19

Sales BOM, Intercompany, 3rd Party

Day 20


Day 21



Day 22


Day 23

OSS Notes

Day 24

SD Tables

Day 25

Routines, User Exits

Day 26

Getting Ready


Day 27

Online help – SAP help site, forums, SDN, BPX

Day 28

Resume templates

Day 29

Mock Interview / tips for technical screenings, face to face interviews

Day 30

Certificate of Completion




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      1. narasimhamurthy

        Book Tittle : ” Implementing SAP ERP Sales & Distribution ”
        Author : Glynn C.Williams
        One of the Best book for SAP-SD

  1. bharath.marati

    really awesome for SD guys,coz handling very huge application with vast subject,naturally doubts araises this website helps me lot to clear almost all some doubts

    1. Rajib Saha

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      I am Rajiv here. Planning to learn SAP – SD. Can you help me by providing the information.
      As am new in this field – looking for some guidance before stepping into the program.
      I want to know, am i eligible for this program and which module will be best for me.
      Job prospect after this course. what experiences we need? Best Learning institution and all this issues.

      Please revert back the email in

      Awaiting for your reply.

      Rajiv Saha.

    1. Vinoth Kumar


      I am vinoth done MCA and have 3 yr of Business Development exp.and write now i am seeing Sap Sd course.Will anybody help me like what are the key areas where i have to put my maximum efforts.

      1. narasimhamurthy

        It depends on ur prev exp.
        coming to SAP-SD price procedure, CIN,shipping,..etc are key areas.

        SAP-SD functional consultant.

      2. Dyson


        Can you any one help me to get the price for the conditions z101 and zm30 from the document no. Is there is any transaction code to pull the price. if you have please send the screen shot with the description to my mail id



    wish you happy new year — 2008

    This would be really good for freshers, those who have a overview of SD. Really appreciable.



  3. vivek

    i would appreciate if you could send the cost if i would like to buy. I realy want to buy. looking forward for your response.

  4. jiteshdua Post author

    Please let me know which submodule (Section-A, B, C, D or IDOC-EDI) will you be interested in ?

  5. Marios K

    Hi Guys,
    Looks like great content, when can we expect to see them? Sections A & B would be good refresher.

  6. jiteshdua Post author

    Thanks for your interest. I am just gauging how many people are interested in these videos and if it is worth putting so much effort. I have got some inquiries so far and I am expecting a lot more in days to come. So for the time being, lets keep our fingers crossed and wish this forum good luck.


  7. Kris

    Hi Guys,
    It is a great idea. When can we expect these videos. Is there a text material of the same. Are they for sale ? If you have a text format of the traing material (Book) it will be great.


  8. Kris

    Hi Jitesh,
    Can you E-mail to my E-Mail the cost of the book and the videos all sections.

    Can any one suggest me a Good book for SAP SD. Just started the traing course, Please…. give me some directions.


  9. Ashok

    Hi Jitesh,
    I am a fresher and doing this course. Video contents will definitely be helpful for revision and to clear doubts. Are these chargable and if yes please mail me charge of all the contents.


    HELLO Jitesh!

    I notice that people are happy about this content you are talking about.

    Like man before me I am new in this field and it would be great if you give me a link or some informations about this SD courses…

    Thanks in front

  11. Jitan


    Do you know anyone whos can give give me an train me on SD module in Los angeles? Any help will be great.

  12. jiteshdua Post author

    Why don’t you look for online training options with live sessions? Let me know your interest and I can include you in my next batch beginning May 3rd’08.


  13. Jitan


    Thanks for your reply.
    That sounds great. How will I get access to SAP. What is the fees for online training?

  14. RAJ

    i am working i n sap sd support in a manufacturing firm .
    i have no implementationn exerience ,so what best would u suggest for me to get aas most it companies are looking for implementation experience

  15. RAJ

    i am working i n sap sd support in a manufacturing firm .
    i have no implementationn exerience ,so what best would u suggest for me to get as most ITcompanies are looking for implementation experience

  16. Ranjan

    I don’t think these videos are free. You will have to request for a price quotation . I guess only if there are sufficient number of requests, he will create these videos which makes sense too.

  17. Ziauddin Syed

    Can you please tell me how much it will cost to buy these videos and what will be the method of payment and shipment. I
    live in Flordia USA. Please send me an email with all details

  18. Ranjan kumar


    I am going to join the course in what should i do before .How the can i get videos as soon as possible

  19. Ranjan kumar


    I am going to join the SAP(SD) course in what should i do before .How the can i get videos as soon as possible

  20. Gopinath Menon

    Dear Jitesh. Good Info. Will keep coming back. Please tell me what is the certification pass percentage in SAP SD. I am planning to do order fulfillment in Sept. Thanks.

  21. smrity

    i guess v all r eagerly wiatn for the video upload.
    Jitesh, kindly make them available for the SAD SD aspirants asap..

    Good Luck

  22. Swaminathan

    Hi ,

    Ver great to see the curriculum i am very much awaiting to see the videos .. kindly let me know wthe ays to get them …

  23. Subhashis

    Hello ,
    I am a new commer to the SAP SD world .
    I urgently need the SD training video to understand the SD functionalities .
    Please help me out by mailing me the procedure to collect the videos .Its urgent from my end .

    Thanks and Regards

  24. Sreenivas b

    Hello ,
    I urgently need the SD training video to understand the SD functionalities .
    Please help me out by mailing me the procedure to collect the videos .Its urgent from my end .

    Thanks and Regards


  25. parmanand


    I need the SD training video to understand the SD functionalities .
    Please help me out by mailing me the procedure to collect the videos .

    Thanks in Advance

  26. Bruce Borton

    I am studying for the SD certification exam, would these tools help in that effort? How much do they cost?



  27. Rajeev

    Hi!, jiteshdua
    Can i get your training videos? I actually work in EDI-IDOC domain but am very much interested in learning whole SD cycle.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  28. Christophe

    I am working in a support environment and are looking for these videos to enrich my knowledge…could somebody send these to me ?

  29. Keyur

    I would like to receive this material. Would appreciate your help in providing me information on how to receive this material. Thanks.

  30. rusty

    hi, can any one tell me about the concept of integration of SD with FI and other modules..
    Also I would like to know where can I d/l SAP ecc6.0 version or can I buy online..plz mail me..

  31. anil

    1. I am studying for the SD certification exam, would these online training help in that effort?

    2. is it possible for you to send me the all these online material what you have klisted in DVD format.
    if so—
    Can you please tell me how much it will cost to buy these videos and what will be the method of payment and shipment.
    or do one needs to download these videos -( after payment) – what would be the total size for the same.

    3. what if one is a working professionl & cannot attend the 30 days training online? in such case can you email/send download link/send DVD’s of entire training material?

    please reply
    3. do you send the vid
    live in Flordia USA. Please send me an email with all details


  32. kirankumar

    This is kirankumar i am into sap sd functional consultant can any one send me the sd material to me.

  33. prasad.r

    i am learning sap-sd,pls give me suggestions how to prepare and what are the good material. i need clear explanation of each subject.


  34. Mahesh

    Hi –

    Can you please do let me know when your batch is going to start is it oct 1 , 2010 ?..Please do send me list if you have any particular .


  35. Sivasai

    Hi All,

    I am try to get SAP SD guy to guide for interviews and if possible some small discussions on a weekly basis .Please help me on this ..I really appreciate your help..I can be reached on 949-335-2197 if you want to contact me ….

  36. prem

    We have the following requirement for the client.

    One sales contract could have multiple payers in case of Class Action Business.


    Let us say we are creating a contract for the Class Action for USD 200000 which has multiple line items. This amount need to be split up among four people say USD 50000 each. System should be able to generate an invoice for USD 200k and at the same time we should be able to generate the invoice for individual parties(payer) for 50 K each. 200K invoice could be a proforma invoice and real financial postings should happen when each of the individual payer’s invoice is generated.

    We had proposed a solution of maintaining multiple line items with different payers at line item level and splitting the total amount against the four line items. During the invoice creation, we would have multiple invoice created using the invoice split functionality. This may not exactly suit their purpose as they would would capture the billing count against various line items which may not correspond to the amount split…

    Let me know if we have a better solution for this..

  37. SRINI

    hI Jitesh, good job doing , I am learning SD module for past 1 year. No solid information about how the real time atmosphere would look like. Infact many people like me looking for a good helping hand to overcome the basic doubts like above. pls let me know how we can see the details like customer masters/sales orders etc..with se11? can u pls tel step by step.
    Are the prices listed abive for project same or any difference is there becas they r posted long back…?


    1. jiteshdua Post author

      Hi Srini,
      Thanks for your interest. The charges posted above are current as I keep updating them.

      In SE11 or SE16, you can view any transparent table. For customer master, you may use KNA1, KNB1 or KNVV. For sales orders, please use VBAK, VBAP and VBEP. Please refer the following list for all the sd tables –


      1. Srini

        Hi jitesh, tnks for the reply. Some people discussed about the vedios of SD training. Can I get the same. How much would it cost. Pls let me know. Pls give me you personal mail id and send the details of fee structure. you can also mail it to my personal mail id


  38. Olet Malla

    Please provide me sd implementation,configuration,customization material or link from where i can down load it.


  39. R.P. Singh

    I have completed SAD-SD course from C-DAC Noida one and half year’s back.But so far I’m unable to get any assignment in this field.
    I’m interested to prepare a impressive Resume as a SAP-SD Fresher ( with all the necessary course contents of sap sd included in it, if necessary ).Can you do it for me? What are your charges for it?
    Awaiting for your kind and positive response.
    With kind regards,
    Ram Prakash Singh

  40. Abhista Raychowdhury

    I’m interested about this training program,plz send me details about course fee & other details…..I’m recently passed out MBA Marketing.& wanted to start my carrier in this field…..

  41. sampath


    I am working has a medical executive since 9 yrs onwards. now i would like to change my field i want’s to learns Sap. i have done and mba finance which module is suitable to me pls inform to me.



  42. ahsanul haque khan

    hi i SAP SD consultant so i have no idea about the implementation so can u suggest how i can do becouse in my company we r a support consultant so give me a brief idea about implementation

  43. chandrasekhar

    i am having 7.5 years of pharma marketing experiance and i am an mba with marketing graduate,can anybody suggest me whether i am suited for this course or not.

  44. Naveen Srivastava

    Hi Jatin
    I am MBA Marketing graduate with one year experience. Now by researching I found that to get good company one should have at least 2 year domain experience, Up to what extent its true and what the best you can suggest for me at this stage. Should I wait for experience or I can go for SAP right now.

    1. sap fico

      The best advice is to get a teach yourself sap course as this will be the cheapest option. Learn sap fico module first as the finance and controlling module is the core of sap and all other modules feed into it to produce financial records. Next learn SD sales and distribution as this is the next most used module. SD’s primary use is to invoice customers for products and services – so important.

  45. ESWAR




  46. ebook store

    Thank you for this blog. Thats all I can say. You most positively have made this blog into one thing thats eye opening and important. You clearly know so much concerning the subject, youve covered so many bases. Great stuff from this a part of the internet. Once more, thanks for this blog.

  47. Vijay

    Hi all ? , howz d life?

    I’ve done B.Tech(IT), MBA(Marketing,HR), I’ve worked for IDEA CELLULAR LTD. for 4 months,So I m decided to learn some course like SAP SD to get into IT industry, planning to get into a software job, plz lemme know which institute would be better to join, I am in bangalore. Which trainer will give me the best training

    Thank u so much for ur time.


  48. Kishore


    I finished my BE Mechanical and i am working as a programmer analyst in a reputed software company. i wish to take sap and move to the core industry side again. please advice which module should i take and which would be the best place to learn.

    1. SAP FICO

      It’s always best to start with learning the sap fico module as it is the core of sap then learn SD as many businesses use this module to invoice their customers. The SD module is difficult to implement and use if you don’t know sap fico as it feeds into fico.

  49. lovenarinder05


    I am Narinder Singh done MBA (Mrk,fin) and have 2.5 yr of marketing exp.and write now doing Sap Sd.Will anybody help me like what are the key areas where i have to put my maximum efforts pls reply…

  50. Dyson Isaac


    Can you help me i m working in p01 server i need to pull the price Z101, ZM30 and ZM31 price from sales document. Can you help me whether it has transaction code to pull. Thanks Dyson

    1. jiteshdua Post author

      Hi Dyson,
      Use table KONP (tcode SE16), fill up KNUMH with the sales document no. (with leading zero’s), enter your condition types in KSCHL field (multiple selection possible) and execute. Let me know if it does not work.


  51. Dyson Isaac

    Can you send me a screen shots since when we enter se16 it shows table name in that what should we enter, in entered knop it shows not in dictionary

  52. Dyson Isaac

    Can you send me a screen shots since when we enter se16 it shows table name in that what should we enter, i entered knop it shows not in dictionary

  53. gdybanie

    It is in point of fact a great and helpful piece of info. I am satisfied that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  54. ram

    dear jiteshdua

    i have a small doubt pls help me

    if i creates sales order having one line item for 100 pc in that 50 pc are from one shipping point remaining 50 pcs are from other then how to do the delivery for 100 pcs pls tell me
    and how to maintaion stock in different shipping points?


  55. mandeep malik

    do i know your contect no. as i already done SAP SD from institute but still waiting for job so i need some more training on real projects if there is any possibility for involve me in the real project ….so reply me on my mail id

  56. Dyson Isaac


    I have tried but the when we update document numbers and condition type we are not getting can you provide the screen shots or describe detailed.

  57. v sasi kumar

    can any body give the right answer for the error, Enter the exchange rate INR/EUR from 25.10.2011 in the system settings. I mean how to solve the error


    Sap changes its exam format without prior notice, i got the shock of my life when i saw the exam on 28 October 2011! So beware if your trainer is teaching you in the old format..

    1. Dyson Isaac


      Can anyone help me on the below topics Sound knowledge of key areas in SD like Pricing, Revenue determination procedures, Master data, Rebates, Document types, Partner determination, Material determination or can you refer any books which is good to get on my interviews.


    dear all

    can anybody help me regarding functional specs and i docs

    is there any institute to teach me about this
    how to get the information about them please suggest me

    for my mail

  60. swetha

    i did my MBA in marketing and presently working for a manufacturing industry in sales from last 4 years, i’m planing to learn SAP SD, can anyone suggest…is it useful for me, and howz the market for it.



    The format of the exam has completely changed, even the passing percentage has increased. So be very careful in choosing a training program.


    I am sap sd certified consultant fresher,having 4.3 years domain experience in sales,looking for a job in sap sd,if any relevant vacancies pls inform me,kindly do the needful.replay me.PLS REFER me at

  63. Gopalakrishnan Velu

    Hi …..i am working with one of the leading bank that to in retail & commerial operations(back office) for past 3 years..i have planned to do SAP . if its good to do SAP, then which module is the best one to do which relates to my 3 yrs back office experience in banking

  64. ram

    hi sap gurus

    can anybody pls help me for this error

    thanks and regards

    1. nicky

      first,you should get the document of condition ( VBAK-KNUMV),and then get content in table KONV ( such as KBETR) with key KONV-KNUMV=VBAK-KNUMV ,KSCHL in (‘Z101′,’ZM30’).

  65. chandra mouli

    I am mouli from hyderabad

    I would like to join SAP SD course . Please any one suggest good institute in hyderabad
    I am awaiting for your reply.

  66. chandra mouli

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am mouli here. Planning to learn SAP – SD. Can you help me by providing the information.
    As am new in this field – looking for some guidance before stepping into the program.
    I want to know, am i eligible for this program and which module will be best for me.
    Job prospect after this course. what experiences we need? Best Learning institution and all this issues.

    Please revert back the email in

    Awaiting for your reply.

  67. Nohreen

    Hello Jiteshdua…You guys are really doing a gr8 job for the society, helping the newcomers as well as existing once to survive in the SAP industury. I am a newbee to SAP-SD still not sure wether its my cup of tea. Can you help me by providing some info.
    1- Whats are the prerequistes needed for this course ?
    2- How much time it takes to get the training and get it into the job overrall?
    3- What experiences we need?
    As regarding my experience I hav overalll 7 yrs of IT experinces in – QA and .Net programming, now planning to get into SAP-SD. So please advice, will appreciate your response. you can mail me on the below email.


  68. Ashok Kumar

    Iam interested in the sd course and iam in india please let me know the Pricing for indian student and also let me know if the module sd is know as crm these daysl

    Thanks and regards


  69. Dyson Isaac


    I need to know all the service level packages in the SAP SD, i m working in p01 server, is there any T codes or table to check all the service levels in SAP. Can you help me on this?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Dyson Isaac

  70. anil kumar lakkalapudi

    Hi sir,I have seen your posts.It is very thoughtful information for freshers and starters.I am a sap sd professional I give sap sd online training .There is plenty more that is covered by a SAP training module. You could even choose areas of specialization depending on your requirement.. Please make updates regularly.
    Thanks and regards,
    sap sd online taining

  71. jiteshdua Post author

    Hi Anil,
    Please feel free to send me ( any article that you would like to post for the benefit of sap sd community.

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  73. Dyson


    I need any sample resume for SAP SD consultants for 1 year experienced guys with no implementations


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  76. surya

    Which sap course should i do?
    I am a MBA graduate with specialization in marketing and human resource management.I have 2 years of experience in sales in an NGO plus 6 months experience in export import company.Please guide me which SAP course should i do.which course will be more suitable for me.
    I have gone and did some inquiry in some sap training institutes some say i do sap sd,sapbi,sap hana or do a combine course of sap sd+crm or sap sd+bi. I need clear direction.Which course will help me go to abroad and work.Kindly reply to my question.

  77. Prasanna Reddy

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  78. Lim Jing Wen

    Hi, am a student from Singapore learning SAP system. I was doing the selling process when i encounter “Pricing error: Mandatory Condition PR00 is missing” when i was doing my customer inquiry. Really at lost here, please give me some advice thanks :)))

  79. Chandan Deo

    The article is very useful and will surely help desired candidates to take decisions about SAP SD training. The fees which is mentioned is very high compare to other training institutes. I have recently completed SAP SD training from MaxMunus ( and the quality of the training was honestly good. The trainer was experienced consultant and they have charged me very less compare to what you have mentioned here.

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