Pricing Reports

You may use V/LD – Execute Pricing Report to check the prices entered into the Pricing Master.

Normally Pricing Report – “07 Cust.-specific Prices with Scale Display” will do.

Other Pricing Reports you may try are as follows:
|LR|Report title                                                         

|01|Comparison of Price Lists Without Scale Display                      
|02|Comparison of Price Groups Without Scale Display                     
|03|Incoterms with Scale Display                                         
|04|Incoterms Without Scale Display                                      
|05|Price List Types Without Scale Display                               
|06|Price List Types with Scale Display                                  
|07|Cust.-specific Prices with Scale Display                           
|08|Cust.-specific Prices W/out Scale Display               

|09|Material List/Material Pricing Group with Scale Display              
|10|List Mat./Mat.Pricing Groups Without Scale Display                   
|11|Price Groups With Scale Display                                      
|15|Material Price                                                       
|16|Individual Prices                                                    
|17|Discounts and Surcharges by Customer                                 
|18|Discounts and Surcharges by Material                                 
|19|Discounts and Surcharges by Price Group                              
|20|Discounts and Surcharges by Material Group                           
|21|Discounts and Surcharges by Customer/Material                        
|22|Discounts and Surcharges by Customer/Material Group                  
|23|Discounts and Surcharges by Price Group/Material                     
|24|Discounts and Surcharges by Price Group/Material Group               
|27|I.E.P.S Mexico                                                       
|28|Conditions by Customer                                               
|30|Conditions by Customer Hierarchy                                     
|31|Price List with Release Status                                       

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