AFS Transaction codes

  • /AFS/J5AI              Source Allocation Schedule II
  • /AFS/LIEF_CHECK        Delivery Check Report
  • /AFS/MCC               AFS Mass Customer Change
  • /AFS/MCTE              AFS  SD Standard Analysis
  • /AFS/MD02              AFS-MRP: Single-item Planning
  • /AFS/MD04              AFS Stock/Requirements List
  • /AFS/MD06              AFS MRP List
  • /AFS/MD09              AFS Pegged Requirements
  • /AFS/MD4C              AFS Order Report
  • /AFS/MDC               Mass Data Change of Documents
  • /AFS/ME2A               AFS Confirmation report
  • /AFS/MMCUST            C MM customer-specific messages AFS
  • /AFS/MM_MP             MM Missing Parts Lists- Subcontracti
  • /AFS/MRPBROWSER        MRP Browser
  • /AFS/MRP_CR_STARTER    Check Report Starter
  • /AFS/MRP_S430          AFS Quantity and Distribution Tool
  • /AFS/MSC2              Batch Revaluation
  • /AFS/MSOEX             AFS MSO order explosion/log
  • /AFS/NDIF_CHANGECOVS   Categ. Structure or Coverage Strat.
  • /AFS/NDIF_MAP_CONV     Convert Dims to Characteristics
  • /AFS/NDIF_MASS_REORG   Mass Deletion of AFS Config. Data
  • /AFS/NDIF_MASS_UPD     New Dimension Mass Update
  • /AFS/NDIF_MAT_CLASS    NDIF: create material class
  • /AFS/NDIF_MAT_UPD      Mass Update Report
  • /AFS/NDIF_RUNTIME      Mass Update – Runtime Versions
  • /AFS/NDIF_SET_CONF     Set Configuration Indicator
  • /AFS/NDIF_SKU_VAR      NDIF: create sku variant
  • /AFS/PIRMI             Interface Flex.Planning / AFS
  • /AFS/PP01              Maintain qty distribution rule grid
  • /AFS/PP012             Check Quantity Distr. Rule Grid
  • /AFS/PRPK_DIST         SD Quantity Distribution
  • /AFS/RS02              Maintain AFS Requirement Seasons
  • /AFS/RS03              Display AFS Requirement Seasons
  • /AFS/SA01              Cap Mass Data Changes I – Capacity
  • /AFS/SA02              trans for mass cap change dialog
  • /AFS/SA03              AFS Vendor Capacity Situation Report
  • /AFS/SA04              Capacity reduction after simulation
  • /AFS/SA05              Report for not assigned p.r.
  • /AFS/SEAS_TABLE_DISP   AFS Display Season Condition Tables
  • /AFS/SPLITPO           Change & Split PO, PO confirmation
  • /AFS/SS02              Maintain AFS Stock Seasons
  • /AFS/SS03              Display AFS Stock Seasons
  • /AFS/SSET_DISP         Display AFS ARun Selection Set
  • /AFS/SSET_REORG        Reorganize Selection Sets
  • /AFS/SUB_RULE          ATP Substitution Rule
  • /AFS/SUB_T685_TS       Assignment Text/Condition Type
  • /AFS/SUB_TVSU_V        Substitution: ATP Locks
  • /AFS/SUB_TYPE          Customizing Substitution Type
  • /AFS/T681F_JM          Field Catalog Grid Determination MM
  • /AFS/T681F_JV          Field Catalog Grid Determination SD
  • /AFS/T681F_KV          Field Catalog Value-Added Service SD
  • /AFS/T681F_LV          Field Catalog Season SD
  • /AFS/TAB_GENERATION    ARun table generation
  • /AFS/TVAG              Maint.Reasons for Rejection for AFS
  • /AFS/V_R2              AFS Rescheduling – analyse
  • /AFS/V_RA              Back Order List
  • /AFS/WWW_PO_CONF       Confirmation of Work Progress

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