19 thoughts on “Sales and Distribution Accounting Entries

  1. asif

    your notes r so simple to understand, its good.

    can i have Journel enteries when we pass JV entry via J1IH.


  2. Dhaval

    Dear Sir,

    Please require me to customer wise ledger in sap system, so please customer ledger transaction code

  3. x ra

    Hi. When a delivery is goods issued, there are two postings that occur. The first is against inventory accounts and the second is against tax accounts. On many occasions in the past, the tax posting either doesn’t get generated (most common) or is duplicated (not as common). My problem is, i dont know where to find the missing tax postings. And how to know if they are missing. my task is to create a tax posting report that will identify missing tax postings as soon as possible. can u please help me with this? Thanks

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  6. Chandra

    Hi , your explanations are very good! You have very nicely defined accounting entries after Debit memo is raised, but what are the accounting entries after a credit memo is raised?

    Will it be like following?

    Credit Memo:

    Revenue/ Company’s A/C DR.
    Customers Account CR

    After Postings are made:

    Bank A/C DR
    Revenue / Company A/C CR??

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  13. WilliamKarge

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