Strategy group

SAP has predefined the following strategy groups:

  • 83: Assembly processing with network, account assignment category E (assignment to sales document. A network with network type PS05 (header assignment) is created.
  • 85: Assembly processing with network/project, account assignment category D (assignment to project). A network with network type PS04 (activity assignment) is created.

In both cases, the system automatically creates a network with network type PS04.


Do not change the default settings that SAP provides in Customizing. You can use these defaults to set up your own strategy groups, requirement types etc. and specify other network types or other settings for the availability check.


  • When values are missing from the sales order item, such as the plant, the system cannot determine the requirements type which means that it also cannot create a network from the sales order.
  • In order to have the scheduled dates in the network be copied into the sales document as confirmed dates, you must have maintained scheduling parameters for network type PS04 and PS05 in Customizing.

Keep this in mind when you define your own network types.

  • Among the scheduling parameters to be maintained, you should set the indicator reconcile basic dates.

You must set this indicator if you want the system to copy the scheduled dates into the basic dates and then pass them on to the sales order as confirmed dates.


1 thought on “Strategy group

  1. venkat

    integration SD_PS:
    2-Project creation CJ20N
    3-Assign that WBS element in sales order line item.which is the integration point.


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